Inspired from the diverse and accepting environment of Canada, our programs are diverse in nature so that we can provide endless creative outlets to our youth for sharing their ideas and thoughts. Our programs include:

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Your Voice Matters (Youth Leadership Speech Competition):

Your Voice Matters (Youth Leadership Speech Competition) is designed to enable youth to share their voice through our Leadership Speech competition, they can either give a speech or share a story, or share their voice in any form.


The Speech Competition will enable the youth to build their talents and skills such as: 

• Boosted self confidence
• Ability to gather and demonstrate knowledge
• Polish communication skills
• Groomed personality


• Group A age from (12 to 14) or Group B age from (15 to 17)
• Time for speech is minimum 3.5min to 5:00mins
• Two topics can be selected and submitted at the time of registration
• The session time from (2 to 4 hours)
• Award for first price for each group 

Registration Fee: $20

Narrative Stories Writing Competition:

The Narrative Stories writing competition inspired from Arabic tradition of Qasas-Al-Haqeeqeh (True stories from Quran) is designed to stimulate creative writing skills in the youth , and can help in providing following benefits and developing skills such as:


• Research skills
• Writing skills
• Analytical skills
• Creativity
• Effective written communication


• Age requirements: Group A (12-14) and Group B (15-17)
• Submit an essay/short story of 500-1000 words online.
• Each participant can submit up to two topics.
• Receive the feedback via email.
• The top 2 selected narratives will be read in a community event
• Winner will be awarded a prize.

Registration Fee: $10

Story writing and sharing is one of the effective ways of stimulating creativity and inspiring change. Taking our inspiration from Quran, we believe that sharing stories can help in instigating positive changes in society.

Effective writing steps

Leadership Workshop:

Leadership is not just about the ability to give a speech, leadership is a lot more than that, and we believe that if provided with the right tools and opportunities, our youth can hone the potential inside them. The purpose of our leadership workshop is to provide that guidance and tools to the youth that can help them uncover the unique talents they have and could benefit them by:


• Mentoring
• Networking
• Interactive sessions
• Problem solving sessions
• Negotiation
• Networking with leaders

• Age requirements: Group A (12-14) and Group B (15-17)
• Need more input for the requirements
• Full day session from 8:30 to 4:30
• Group discussion Speeches
• UN resolution

Registration Fee: $100